Above: Jim went to a dance class at Mixon's Farm's Monday Dance Classes just because I wanted him to.  He enjoyed it so much, we started taking lessons from Kathryn.  We've been taking lesson for about a year & love it.  We want to be able to look good on the dance floor on cruises & at parties.   Jim & Sharon 
                           We are very pleased to include this page with the testimonials of some of our students. 
                                                             We are also active in our Community events.   
Above: Hi Kathryn -- Dancing with you and my fellow students has been a highlight of my long, long, long, long & long life -- nothing but fun, friendship, and sex. (I'm kidding about the sex,) Alan
Everyone reading this should know that Alan is a comedian at Mc Curdy's Comedy Theatre.
Left: My husband and I love the lessons we received at Bradenton Dance
Center. Not only were they fun, great foreplay, but we also had much more confidence on a dance floor.
  Kari & Joe Dalton
Right: Just wanted to add my two cents worth to the testimonials.
Thank you for all the work you do for us.
Here at the Bradenton Dance Center we have the best time, dancing our hearts out and learning all the new steps.  We also have almost a family atmosphere and lovely friends.
Left: Fabulous Hustle class, kathryn.
I'm excited that I learned enough to be able to use it right away,
and thanx for the tips during the dancing at the party. dan
Above: Thanks for a wonderful lesson today.  We really enjoyed meeting you and you made it so relaxing, enjoyable, and fun. Thanks again and see you next week!      
Scott &  Catie
Above: Hey Kathryn! Just a note to say hi!  Hope you are having a blast this summer!  Joe & I went to a Salsa concert & danced for 3 hours straight!  I bought the CD from the band, they were HOT!  Looking forward to lots more dance sessions when we return in Oct.  P. S.  Joe & I are planning to go to GRACELAND on the way home, yea!   Sandy 
Dancing With Our Stars, an event benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County was held Saturday at the Palmetto Boys & Girls Club. See our dancers &  their videos below.  View the Introductions of the dancers here:  http://youtu.be/aVAGcK50iN0

Right:  Whiting & Chako Merengue at Boy's & Girl's Club http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdTX7aaxFdc
Above center: Diane & Rod Swing at Boy's & Girl's Club Palmetto, FL.---  http://youtu.be/jqiU_hCeD_o
Below: Kyla at her Sweet 16 party. It  was a big success.  Many friends helped her celebrate! See her dance: http://www.youtube.c/watch?v=IMUp6oXrF7A

Hi Kathryn,  
I so wanted to thank you for your time and effort to video the wedding Daddy/Daughter dance for Emily & I. It will be so helpful, especially with our distance & minimum time to practice together. You did a great job with the IPhone videos.  Thanks Again.  Kirk B