We are very pleased to include this page with the testimonials of some of our students. 
Left: Thanks for a wonderful lesson today.  We really enjoyed meeting you and you made it so relaxing, enjoyable, and fun. Thanks again and see you next week!                  Scott &  Catie
Left: Hi Kathryn,  I so wanted to thank you for your time and effort to video the wedding Daddy/Daughter dance for Emily & I. It will be so helpful, especially with our distance & minimum time to practice together. You did a great job with the IPhone video lessons....Thanks Again.      Kirk B
Right:  "We have been taking lessons from Kathryn for the past two years.  It has been a fun and very rewarding experience. She has such patience and continues to work over steps when we forget them. Like a lot of Floridians we are gone for 5 months in the summer & try to practice at home to stay on top of our skills, but inevitable we forget something and she gets us back up to speed.  We tend to limit her by not taking advantage of the "Party" aspect of our lessons but we still are able to get up and show off our "moves" at weddings and on our frequent cruises, which was the purpose of taking the classes.  We plan on continuing our lessons for quite some time, enjoy our times of laughter and we would highly recommend Kathryn as an instructor.  We consider ourselves lucky to call her our friend as well."       Karen H.  Office Manager
Left:  Bradenton Dance Center is an experience like no other.  Not only are Michael and Kathryn two of the most outstanding and professional instructors I have had the privilege to know, they are without a doubt the most caring. Because of this, the group of people that have become their students not only learn the correct technique and learn how to become knowledgeable dancers, but are given the opportunity on their weekly Thursday social party to cheer and complement one another as we all experience the quick improvement of becoming better dancers.  Being part of the Center feels like being a part of an encouraging and protective family. In Bradenton Dance Center not only does one learn how to dance, but also if one desires, one is encouraged to learn how to compete in team matches and all kinds of other  grander competitions.  It's fun, it is challenging and the ultimate prize is the pride that comes from realizing that we have accomplished learning something that will be enjoyed for the rest of our lives.     Very cool place!!!            Silvia 
Left:  "I was very fortunate to come across this studio when my daughter was looking for someone to teach her a Sweet 16 dance number.  My other daughter was so impressed with her sister's dance routine that, although from NY, came to this studio, too, to learn her wedding dance.  Both routines were a hit!  After trying out a few private lessons myself, I was hooked.  Having never danced in my life, I still can't believe that someone my age can learn to dance!  I strongly recommend this studio to anyone who wants to learn ballroom dancing at any level.  The private lessons are so rewarding, the classes are challenging yet fun, and the socials are so enjoyable. Michael & Kathryn have a wealth of knowledge on ballroom dancing and a passion for teaching so you can take what you've learned from them and dance anywhere with anyone and you will shine on the dance floor."   Myra
Right: I am a new student at Bradenton Dance Center.  I took a group of lessons at another studio but never really felt comfortable. They were pushy and expensive.  After continually passing by BDC on my way to and from my pushy and expensive lessons at the studio, I stopped into BDC.  From my first contact with Kathryn and first lesson with Kathryn and my first Thursday night dance party, which, by the way all took place on the same day, I felt completely at home and in a comfort zone.  The students and dancers at BDC and the party opened their arms to me, danced with me, and accepted me into the dance family.  At BDC NO ONE is pushy and the cost is manageable plus The dance instructors are second to none!  I look forward to my future at BDC. Ron Barber/Snowbird/Chicago
                                    Right: I have been taking Private & Group lessons at BDC for a little over a year.I have found it rewarding from the aspect of improved health and fitness, and with the added fun and challenge of improving dance skills.  Michael & Kathryn are excellent instructors both technically and creatively, and I think we are lucky to have teachers of this calibre here in Bradenton.  For those who are interested in competing, there are opportunities from beginner level on up to more advanced championships levels.  There is truly something here for anyone interested in music and dancing along with a group of enthusiastic fellow dancers.  Ann Stiles