Many couples choose to do a special "1st Dance" as husband and wife. This is a dance that most consider very important.
Today's first dance can be designed to whatever the couple wants...Traditional or your choice.
The Bradenton Dance Center specializes in the
first dance!  Even if you wedding is only a week away, we can help!!!
Not only can the bride and groom learn ''their special dance'', but they can learn to dance the other dances that will be played during their reception celebration or on their honeymoon destination. And parents and the wedding party  can also learn to dance.
 What a great idea to ''GIFT'' your wedding party with dancing lessons so that they can really enjoy the wedding celebration!  A lasting gift that they can learn now, but use the rest of their lives!
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  And don't forget to bring your first dance music
 with you. If you haven't selected a song yet,
  we will help!                      
Just Married Flip Flops for him & her
Left: Danny & Kathy,
 1st dance

Left: Congratulations to Julie & Craig.  Above: Matthew & Michele Rzepa.  Watch their dance:
We are busy preparing 1st Dances for several couples.
And if you need a Daddy/Daughter Dance, we can help with that too.     Just give us a call.   
 Sherree and Jesse
First Dance MARKER_URL

Right:  Bob, the Daddy in this video learned his dance at Bradenton Dance Center in Bradenton, FL and his daughter Melissa made only one visit, and then watched & learned this great dance on Skype!  It CAN be done!  Congratulation to the Bride & Groom, and to the parents of the Bride, Marilyn and Bob!  k     MARKER_URL
Above: Elyssa & Tom doing their 1st dance at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. They drove to Bradenton to learn their dance with Kathryn...Watch it here:     Congratulations !!
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 Let us choreograph a simple, yet  beautiful dance for your wedding.
Click below to watch a beautiful Daddy/Daughter dance .  Don, (Dad) learned it here in FL, his daughter Lindsay (the bride) was in Duluth, MN!!!